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eRacks AMD® Systems:


eRacks offers dual-core, quad-core, six-core, eight-core, 12-core, and now even 16-core Opteron systems. CPUs include Opteron, Phenom, Athlon 64 in 1U, 2U and larger height chassis. Call or email for custom configurations.




AMD A-Series Llano APU
Choice of 1U, 2U or 3U rackmount chassis
AMD A-Series Llano APU
integrated Radeon graphics
Dual- and Quad- Core
Choice of OS

eRacks/APURACK starting at $735

Desktop format also available: eRacks/ASERIES

Lowest wattage per core!
1U Rackmount Chassis
AMD Opteron 4200-series CPU
6- or 8- Core Processor
Up to 64GB DDR3 memory
Choice of OS

eRacks/OPT4200 starting at $1229

Configure a Standard Server
1U rackmount chassis
AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual Core CPU
SATA3 drive, DVDRW Dual Layer
Up to 16GB DDR3 memory
Choice of OS

eRacks/SERVE starting at $895

Phenom II AM3 Quad-core 2U
AMD Phenom / AM3 Quad -core CPU
DDR2 or DDR3 Memory
Up to 4 SATA2 / SAS drives
Dual Layer CD/DVD+R
Choice of OS

eRacks/EFFECTS starting at $1120


Hardware Optimized for Virtualization

2U rackmount chassis
Up to two Six-Core Opteron series 2000 CPUs
Hard Drive Capacity 12TB
Memory Capacity 64GB


starting at $2295

32 cores in 1U!

Up to two 8/12/16 -Core Opteron series 6200 CPUs
1U rackmount chassis
Hard Drive Capacity 6 TB
Memory Capacity 256 GB
Ubuntu Linux Advantage Essential Server

starting at $3995

Total of 48 cores!

Up to four 4-core / 8-Core / 12-core Opteron series 6200 CPUs
1U rackmount chassis
3 x hotswappable SATA3/SSD Hard drives
Memory Capacity 256 GB DDR3
Ubuntu Linux Advantage Essential Server

starting at $5795

Max of 64 cores!

Up to four 12-Core/ 16-core Opteron series 6200 CPUs
2U (or 1U) rackmount chassis
Storage Capacity 6 SATA3 / SSD drives
Memory Capacity 512 GB
Ubuntu Linux Advantage Essential Server

starting at $7,995

eRacks offers custom configurations. Email or call us for more information. eRacks also offers network consulting and open source migration services.