eRacks' Signature Service is Saving you Time and Money

Rolls of moneyOver the years, eRacks' signature service has always been saving you time and money -

By pre-provisioning your system to be as turnkey as possible, eRacks can preinstall and configure your server in one of several ways, and saves you the time and expense of doing so yourself - and we give you, at no charge, our expertise and recommendations for best-of-breed open source software in each of many leading categories of purpose for open source projects:

• File servers - Cloud / Openstack, Block / Object storage / CEPH / Swift / iSCSI, SMB/CIFs, DLNA/uPNP, NFS, AFP, rsync, and more

• Firewalls - OpenBSD, PFSense, IDS/IPS, Snort / Suricata / Sagan, your choice of network server software

• eMail servers - ZImbra, Postfix, Exim, Dovecot, ASSP, ClamAV, Squirrelmail, Spam assassin, spam firewall configuration, or your favorite open-source email package(s)

• Databases / NoSQL - PostgreSQL, MySQL / MariaDB, SQLite, MongoDB, Couchbase, EnterpriseDB, Firebase, or your specified open-source database 

Many more categories forthcoming - keep an eye on our blog & social media for details!

Please Pardon Our Dust While We Update our Models

Kiddo sweeping dustPlease pardon our dust - We're updating many of our models -

If you see something that doesn't seem to have the latest technology choices available, just let us know and we'll get back to you with a quote, and fix it - Thanks.

We are also retiring many older models, and will be introducing many new models and categories over the next few months:

  • The all-new eRacks/MEDIA servers category - with Plex, Kodi, Plugins, MythTV, etc - Contact us today if you need this now!
  • New, updated Linux and BSD eRacks Open Source Laptops! We will guarantee your Linux / BSD installation on All the latest high-end notebooks:
  • LG Gram, Asus, Dell XPS, Lenovo Thinkpads (We are a Lenovo partner!), High-end Gamer models, etc - We install (And guarantee!) Linux on ANYTHING!.
  • eRacks/NVR, DVR, and HVR Surveillance-targeted systems, are here, by custom quote for 2021!
  • Cryptocurrency Mining systems, and Gamer systems - tell us what you want, and we'll build it!  We've already built many rackmount eRacks/MINER systems, with up to 13 GPU cards, redundant PSUs, and more - Ask us for a quote today!
  • New desktops, workstations, and more - NVMe tech, integrated GPUs, smaller die sizes, small form factors, more

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Pre-provisioned OSS

eRacks' specialty is in preconfigured custom Linux rackmount servers, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD rackmount servers.

eRacks' wide choice of operating systems also include Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE, Fedora Linux and other rackmount server configurations. eRacks also provides onsite installation, open source migration services, including network consulting and software development services.

Experience, Custom design, Open Source, Quiet rackmounts

eRacks also has extensive experience building quiet rackmount and desktop computers, as well as customizing Linux and other Open Source OSes. Please call or email us to discuss your computational needs.

eRacks offers more flexibility in rackmount server configuration at a better price!

High Performance

eRacks Open Source Systems provides high-performance competitively-priced open source Rackmount Servers, Desktop Computers, as well as a wide array of services including Open Source enterprise migration, security, and network architecture design.

eRacks saves you both time and money by combining quality open source enterprise-level software and easily-upgradeable industry-standard components in its rackmount servers.

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