General Purpose

There are a number of servers available for general use, both for large computational jobs and for remote access. If you need to run software that takes not seconds but hours, days or weeks to complete, and makes a normal machine run horribly slowly, then you should probably use one or more of these compute servers.

Users are free to use these systems according to their required services. The services provided by one or more servers could be as a print server, allowing and monitoring access to a printer or printers; an application server, which runs application software such as word processing or a database; a file server, which stores files for access by all of the client computers; and servers that allow and provide access to other networks, including the Internet. As long as the systems doesn’t have the overload, these systems are excellent choice for home use and professional works.

eRacks offers general purpose rackmount servers, configured with your choice of operating system, including Ubuntu Linux®, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat® Linux, Arch Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, openSUSE, Mageia, and more! This is our primary 1U "Workhorse" x86 (64) server category.

eRacks also offers custom configurations, and your choice of specific components by special request. Email us today at for more information. eRacks also offers network consulting and open source migration services.

Chose the best system from the below list or contact us for your requirements.

eRacks/VALUE value_large.png


The eRacks/VALUE Server is our entry-level server - an affordable and reliable solution for the value-minded purchaser, ideal for both general home and office applications. The eRacks/VALUE Server is ideal for both large computational jobs and for remote access. Normal workload that takes days or weeks to complete, and makes a normal machine run horribly slow, this system does these things in minutes for you. The system could be use as print server, application server, a database, file server, ... (more)
Starting at $795
eRacks/SERVE serve_1u_600.jpeg


The eRacks/SERVE is our most popular general-purpose 1U x86-64 (aka x64, amd64) 64-bit intel-architecture server. It is available with Intel i3 or i5 CPUs (AMD® configurations available on request - request a quote), and is an excellent choice for today's web, database, or even hybrid cloud applications as well as tomorrow's more demanding applications.

This 1U rackmount server is installed with your choice of open source operating system, and can be provisioned with virtualization software and/or cloud software such as OpenStack.  

Starting at $895
eRacks/PREMIUM sc813_500cb_spec.jpg


The eRacks/PREMIUM is a higher-performance rackmount server, suitable for more demanding applications, such as virtualization, scale-out, and cloud usage. This server has 2 hotswap removable drive bays (3, 4 available), and uses a choice of Intel® TM 15/17/Xeon processors, SATA6 hard drives, and DDR3 / DDR4 memory.

 · Intel® TM i5/i7/Xeon processor
 · Max 32 GB DDR3 1333 Memory
 · Up to four hotswap drives
 · Choice of Operating System

Starting at $1295