Quiet Systems

eRacks Quiet Rackmount and Desktop Computers

eRacks design experts eliminate the familiar noisy computer hum, by using a special combination of ultra-quiet chassis fans, strategic chassis and component choice, arrangement, and low-noise drives.

For extreme noise-sensitive and high-power environments, liquid cooling can be utilized on a custom quote basis.

The systems shown here are designed to be silent, or quiet enough to be below the background noise level of all but the quietest office environment or studio.

Other eRacks systems can be modified to minimize noise (we call this "Quietization(tm)"), but will usually not be as quiet as these systems, which are designed with noise elimination in mind. Call or email eRacks to discuss your requirements and our solutions.

All eRacks systems are configured with your choice of operating system including Ubuntu Linux®, Linux Mint, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat®, Arch Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, openSUSE, and more! As always, custom configurations available upon request. Call or email us; we build to order!


Even qieter and more expandable than the eRacks/QUIET - Our 2U-height eRacks/QUIET2 is our most popular QUIET model.



  • Intel Core i3 or i5 CPU
  • Intel i7 available via custom quote
  • 2U-height Chassis
  • Approx 31db 
  • Low-heat CPU, fanless or low-speed quiet fan
  • Low-noise HD or SSD
  • Fanless or quiet, low-speed fan PSU (Power Supply Unit)

starting at $1395

eRacks/QUIET3 and eRacks/STUDIO3
Open Source Digital Audio Workstation

The eRacks/STUDIO3 is an eRacks/QUIET3 with a full sSet of Open Source Audio / Video software installed:
  • Intel Core i3 or i5 CPU
  • Low Latency Memory, OS
  • All Open Source Software
  • UbuntuStudio installed by default

starting at $1200


So quiet - you'll want to check the light
to see if it is on!


  • Approx 34-35db
  • Low-heat CPU
  • Low-noise HD

starting at $795

eRacks/LITE - Shallow 15-inch depth chassis and quiet. Perfect for audio systems.


  • DDR3 or DDR4 Memory
  • Intel Atom, Celeron, or Via CPU
  • SATA3 SSD or Flash storage
  • Choice of OS

starting at​ $980

Dust-proof and silent. 7.3 x 8.1 x 1.3 inch

  • Wall-mountable
  • Intel Atom CPU
  • ideal for kiosk
starting at $695

  • Designed to eliminate noise altogether
  • Sound-deadening foam & rubber gaskets around door
  • Intel® CPU
  • Fanless/Quiet PSU
  • Gasketed noise-isolated HDD or SSD
  • Choice of Operating System
starting at $1375



Without the proper design to insure adequate cooling, rackmount systems are susceptible for overheating.

Be wary of "server quietization kits" since the entire layout and design of the system must be considered to eliminate noise without danger of overheating.

eRacks engineers have extensive experience in server quietization, and each eRacks system is put through intensive testing.

eRacks offers custom configurations. Email info@eracks.com for more information. eRacks also offers network consulting and open source migration services.