Legacy Systems

eRacks Legacy Systems

There are two types of eRacks Legacy Systems - Vintage systems, which are those that are at or near EOL (End Of Life) but still available to configure, and may be available in limited quantities, and Archived systems, which are those that are archived, and are no longer directly orderable, but can sometimes be built on request, but with up-to-date modern hardware.

Any system you see here, we can build, and with updated hardware. In addition many of our existing models come very close or can replace the models you see here. Please contact us today and we will be happy to help you find what you need.

Archived eRacks Systems

The following are archived systems, which are no longer in our configurator - the links redirect here - for a quote on the closest thing we can build to one of these systems, please contact us today.
  • eRacks/FOCUS - Quiet/Noiseless high-end AMD Desktop  system with nVidia GeForce GPU & Graphics
  • eRacks/NSERVE - 2U IntelŽ Quad-Core/Six-Core Xeon Nehalem processor, 5500 series, 3 hotswap drives.
  • eRacks/PFOUR - Standard 1U rackmount with Pentium4 CPU.
  • eRacks/NAS - Network Attached Storage.
  • eRacks/CENTRINO - Basic Centrino laptop.
  • eRacks/EXPRESS - fashionable full-featured laptop
  • eRacks/SUBNOTE - Small lightweight VIA laptop without CD or floppy.
  • eRacks/FRONT - is a shallow-depth (14") utility server.
  • eRacks/WORK - a 1U-height, under-desk mounted personal workstation.
  • eRacks/BACK - a 2U-height DAT drive system for back-ups.
  • eRacks/XPC - CUBE-format desktop workstation.
  • eRacks/STUDIO - Digital Audio Workstation with Dual Core CPU.


Vintage eRacks Systems

The systems listed below, are near-EOL or discontinued models that may still be available in limited quantities. We can also update the configuration for the latest modern hardware - Please email us at info@eRacks.com for more information on these systems, or you may add-to-cart and tell us what you want in the "Notes" field, or request a quote directly from the configurator.

eRacks/EFFECTS effects_closed.jpeg


This model is EOL - contact us to build you a similar, updated system with state-of-the-art specs.

The eRacks/EFFECTS uses the AMD® Phenom processor, built from the ground up for true quad- and triple core performance. Use this system for intensive computational tasks, like video/audio editing, or for serious gaming, or both at the same time.

The Phenom Black version is unlocked, i.e. overclocking is possible.
Note: DDR3 Memory is available with upgraded motherboard.

The eRacks/EFFECTS 2U rackmount server is installed and configured with the open source operating system of your choice.

Starting at $1120
eRacks/FLAT flat_front_300.jpeg


Dustproof and silent, this wall-mountable system is perfect for many applications in noise-sensitive environments.

This small form factor system includes:

  • An eRacks QuietByDesignTM system
  • 7.3" x 8.1" x 1.3" FLAT case, wall-mountable
  • Intel Atom mini-ITX motherboard
  • Intel Atom Processor, passively cooled
  • Onboard audio, video, TV out, 1394 Firewire, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Gigabit Network controller GbE 10/100/1000
  • Intel onboard graphics with support for VGA
  • Audio RealTek ALC662 audio codec 2+2 - channel
  • Front panel microphone / headphone header
  • 2GB+ Memory
  • One internal SSD Hard Drive
  • No keyboard, mouse, or monitor included
  • Ubuntu operating system installed as default
Starting at $695
eRacks/FOCUS TNN300B_I.jpg


This model is no longer available.

It was a high-end, yet noiseless / ultra-quiet AMD desktop / workstation system with nVidia GeForce GPU & Graphics.

Contact us today at https://eracks.com/contact/  about a custom quote for an updated version of this system if this is something you're looking for.

Starting at $1995
eRacks/i7SHORT i7short_2u.jpeg


eRacks/i7SHORT: featuring the Intel® CoreTM i7 (Nehalem) processor, a new CPU architecture with a self-overclocking Turbo Mode. It's designed to be a power server for multi-application workloads, and serious data crunching.
Intel says, "With faster, intelligent multi-core technology that applies processing power dynamically when needed most, the new Intel® CoreTM i7 processors deliver an incredible breakthrough in performance. They're the best processors on the planet."

eRacks/i7SHORT - 3U-height
eRacks/i7SHORT - 2U-height (option)

Starting at $1795
eRacks/OPT10BAY SR30169_3_BigProductImage.jpg


This model is no longer available.
It was a high-end pedestal-style (upright) server, an AMD dual Opteron-based system with 10 usable drive bays.
Contact us today at https://eracks.com/contact/  about a custom quote for an updated version of this system if this is something you're looking for.
Starting at $1695
eRacks/OPTDESKTOP Tyan-Intros-New-Quad-Socket-AMD-Motherboard-and-Server-Barebone-Supporting-Up-to-512GB-RAM-2.jpg


This model is no longer available.
It was a high-end AMD Quad-Opteron-based workstation-class desktop system for high-powered scientific or graphics rendering applications.
Contact us today at https://eracks.com/contact/  about a custom quote for an updated version of this system if this is something you're looking for.
Starting at $3184
eRacks/SANDYCORE sandycore_1u_2u.jpeg


This model is near EOL.  Here is the old brurb:
Choice of 1U chassis (top), 2U chassis (bottom)
eRacks/SANDYCORE: featuring the new Second Generation Intel® CoreTMi5 (Sandy Bridge) processor, announced in January 2011.

Sandy Bridge processors include a new set of instructions known as Advanced Vector Extensions, suited for floating-point-intensive applications.
This new CPU features include widened data paths, increased register efficiency and use of parallel loads, as well as smaller code size.
Choose from the online configuration or request your own combination of components.

Starting at $1495
eRacks/SSLW 1u_top_off_s.jpeg


This model is EOL.  Here is the old blurb:

The eRacks/SSLW is a dedicated Apache-based proxy server that offloads the SSL processing and the entire https connection from your web server. A plug-in SSL card can cost many times more than this software solution and still won't accomplish load balancing or scale.  eRacks/SSLW software installation includes 128-bit encryption SSL on OpenBSD operating system.


Starting at $715
eRacks/SANDYTOWER sandytower3.jpeg


This model is near EOL. Here is the old blurb:

eRacks/SANDYTOWER: featuring the new Intel® Quad CoreTM Xeon processor, E5-2600 series. Intel® server processors deliver enhanced, energy-efficient performance for intensive business applications from virtualization and cloud computing to design automation or real-time financial transactions. Data bottlenecks are eliminated and I/O latency is dramatically reduced with Intel® Integrated I/O.

This Tower system has eight hotswap-drive bays and can also be used in a rackmount shelf, sideways as a 4U rackmount format.


Starting at $2328
eRacks/NAS16X nas16x_5u.jpeg


This model is EOL.

As the most powerful Intel server available, it was amazing, a 5U server wtih 8 CPUs, (10 cores each, 80 total), and It was the basis for our forthcoming eRacks/BEHEMOTH, which is a slightly downscaled 4U version iof this, with the latest 6th-gen Intel 4-way Xeon E7-8800/4800 v3 CPUS (18 cores eaxh - 72 total), and up to 6TB of RAM.

Contact us today if you're interested in prerelease access to the eRacks/BEHEMOTH, or would like more information.

Starting at $25360
eRacks/NAS6X nas6x_2u.jpeg


This model is no longer available. We can help you find a similar configuration, contact us at info@eracks.com.

The eRacks/NAS6X is an Intel Xeon E7-4800 CPU Network Attached Storage file server. Up to 10-core and 20-thread processing, and 30-MB last-level cache give the performance headroom for the most data-demanding, mission-critical applications. Up to 512GB DDR3 memory per four-socket system. Supports massively scalable deployments and mission-critical workloads.
Memory capacity is 512GB DDR3 ECC/REG total, 128GB per CPU (all 4 CPUs populated allows for 512GB). Choose total memory from options or contact eRacks for a custom quote or more information.
The eRacks/NAS6X and the eRacks/NAS16X utilize the latest Intel Xeon E7-4800 and E7-8800 processors. Press Release.
Any storage software available can be preconfigured on request. These include, but are not limited to, ZFS, Samba, GlusterFS, MooseFS, GFS, NFS, Novell, Apple compatibility, and more. Also MS Windows compatible. Other motherboard/processor configurations are possible, call or email us for quote. Contact eRacks for more information.



Starting at $8165
eRacks/NAS3 nas3_front.jpeg


This model is no longer available in our NAS line - 

If you're looking for a 1U server with three drive bays, we have a higher-end unit with a 1400W power supply, and 2 full PCI Slots in a 1U, which will form the basis for our forthcoming RENDER2 model, with 2x GPUs.

1U rackmount chassis
Up to 3 SATA3 / SAS2 drives
Intel i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon / Dual Xeon CPU
Slim Optical disk drive
2x Onboard internal SSD OS drives available

Starting at $1695