Legacy Systems

eRacks Legacy Systems

There are two types of eRacks Legacy Systems - Vintage systems, which are those that are at or near EOL (End Of Life) but still available to configure, and may be available in limited quantities, and Archived systems, which are those that are archived, and are no longer directly orderable, but can sometimes be built on request, but with up-to-date modern hardware.

Any system you see here, we can build, and with updated hardware. In addition many of our existing models come very close or can replace the models you see here. Please contact us today and we will be happy to help you find what you need.

Archived eRacks Systems

The following are archived systems, which are no longer in our configurator - the links redirect here - for a quote on the closest thing we can build to one of these systems, please contact us today.
  • eRacks/FOCUS - Quiet/Noiseless high-end AMD Desktop  system with nVidia GeForce GPU & Graphics
  • eRacks/NSERVE - 2U IntelŽ Quad-Core/Six-Core Xeon Nehalem processor, 5500 series, 3 hotswap drives.
  • eRacks/PFOUR - Standard 1U rackmount with Pentium4 CPU.
  • eRacks/NAS - Network Attached Storage.
  • eRacks/CENTRINO - Basic Centrino laptop.
  • eRacks/EXPRESS - fashionable full-featured laptop
  • eRacks/SUBNOTE - Small lightweight VIA laptop without CD or floppy.
  • eRacks/FRONT - is a shallow-depth (14") utility server.
  • eRacks/WORK - a 1U-height, under-desk mounted personal workstation.
  • eRacks/BACK - a 2U-height DAT drive system for back-ups.
  • eRacks/XPC - CUBE-format desktop workstation.
  • eRacks/STUDIO - Digital Audio Workstation with Dual Core CPU.


Vintage eRacks Systems

The systems listed below, are near-EOL or discontinued models that may still be available in limited quantities. We can also update the configuration for the latest modern hardware - Please email us at info@eRacks.com for more information on these systems, or you may add-to-cart and tell us what you want in the "Notes" field, or request a quote directly from the configurator.