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eRacks Systems Consulting Services

In addition to a wide selection of customized servers and systems, eRacks Systems' consultants offer expert-level assistance on:

Open Source Enterprise Solution

If you are concerned about the security, Performance, Versatility, Scalability, Stability, Cost Savings and highest up time environment for your enterprise, then there really isn’t any better choice than the Open Source based system deployment. An important thing to remember is that with open source, there is generally no such thing as a deployment that is too small. For example, although 32 percent of OpenStack deployments are for huge companies employing 10,000 to 100,000 and more, a full 10 percent are for very small companies with nine or fewer employees. The beauty of this is that when any of these small companies’ hits pay dirt and needs to scale quickly, they won't be needing to look for another platform.

eRacks Systems is offering the best Open Source based systems and solutions for your enterprise. Including Open Source Enterprise Migration assessment, planning, and deployment.

eRacks Open Source Systems' consultants can assist your business in migrating its applications to open source, including Linux, Zope, Plone, Python, Ajax, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more. Build your Secure Enterprise with Open Source with us.

Windows to Linux Migration.

Linux is way better than Windows when it comes to production and security. But some of you may have already deployed windows for your enterprise and have already a plenty important data. If you are thinking of a better way for migrating to Linux from Windows without data loss, we could help you in very effective way. You could ‘Secure & Migrate your Windows System to Linux without losing data with eRacks Systems’.

Network Services.

eRacks' network experts can help you tackle your Network design issues, and get your network up and running quickly. eRacks Systems offers three levels of our Network Review services, including network design, security issues, firewalls, database architecture and more.


Real Time Data Synchronization between two or more remote offices.

Dedicated Hosting.

eRacks Systems provides Dedicated Hosting Services in top-tier facilities in San Jose, California. Each customer receives full root access on a leased custom-built dedicated physical server, connected to high-speed Internet lines.

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