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eRacks Consulting Services : Network Design and Architecture


Need assistance with your network/system design & architecture?

eRacks' network experts can help you tackle your design issues, and get your network up and running quickly.

eRacks offers three levels of our Network Review services:

  1. Simple Network Review:   eRacks' network design consultants will review your network description/diagram and offer suggestions and recommendations via email and/or fax. Deliverables include recommended firewall strategy and setup for various ports. This service is free with the purchase of 3 eRacks servers, and normally starts at US$295.


  2. Standard Network Review:   eRacks' network design consultants will review and make an updated network diagram with our recommendations and suggestions in a formal report format, and conclude with a Q&A session. Deliverables include a complete Network Diagram, and sample firewall rules with your IP addresses and network zones preconfigured. This service starts at US$595.


  3. Enterprise Network Review:   This is recommended for large-to-enterpise-sized businesses with multiple locations. eRacks' network design consultants will include the above services, plus security audits, DMZ / VPN configuration, application strategies, central console management strategies, and special customer requests. Onsite consulting is available as well. Deliverables include network diagrams for each location and the enterprise itself, configured and tested custom firewall rules, networks, zones / DMZs, XML firewall meta-rules, VPN setup, configured to the customer's needs. The cost for this service is negotiated on a per-project basis, and typically starts at US$995.

Additional services can be provided with each of the above packages as desired, and are performed at discounted hourly consulting rates as follows:

  • Standard inhouse rate US$185/hr, discounted to US$145/hr with one of the above packages,

  • Standard onsite rate US$225/hr, discounted to US$185/hr with one of the above packages.

These services would include items such as enterprise open source migration, custom VPN configuration, application tunneling / port forwarding, load-balancing, clustering, DDoS strategies, intrusion detection, penetration testing, break-in damage mitigation, internal encryption and isolation strategies, other security issues, and any other customer-requested network and system architecture work. Please don't hesitate to inquire about our services.

We look forward to hearing about your project!
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