Network Servers

eRacks Network Servers:
Intel Core 2 Duo eMail Server with 4 hotswap SATA II drives, using the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.


·Shared Calendar
·Web document authoring and sharing
·"Over the air" sync to mobile devices
·VoIP integration
·Linux, Apple, and even Microsoft Outlook compatibility
starting at $1795

A 1U Dual-Core system running SNORT Intrusion Detection System.


·Snort, MySQL,
·SWATCH logwatcher
·SPADE statistical analyzer, &
·SnortSnarf HTML report software.
·32bit or 64bit gigabit Ethernet
starting at $1565

A 1U OpenBSD system running TinyDNS.

·TinyDNS Supports load balancing, and client differentiation.
starting at $745

· OpenBSD based
· Postfix MTA
· Spam/virus filtering
· Webmail via Apache / Squirrelmail / PHP
starting at $795


Special configuration requests are welcome!
For consulting arnd architecture services, see eRacks' Services page, or simply email us to discuss your needs.