Open Mirror Dev Services

eRacks Development Services: Open Mirror


  • Disaster planning - Keep valuable data safe and accessible during electrical outages, weather emergencies, intruder attacks, and hardware failures, by keeping redundant copies at remote sites.
  • Failover Data Accessibility - When one storage system is down for system upgrade, repair, or otherwise off-line, keep your data services up and active.
  • Real-Time Data Synchronization between two or more remote offices. Eliminate data confusion. Access all data in real-time, locally.


  • eRacks/OpenMirror provides near real-time data mirroring between 2 or more remote offices.  
  • eRacks/OpenMirror is based on a suite of open source software including:
  • LinuxTM, DRBD (distributed remote block device) data mirroring
  • OpenAFS file system
  • client-server authentication technologies.

This is just one great example of what eRacks consulting can build for you on a consulting basis using open source.









  • Connects with any LAN, including Windows®, Unix/LinuxTM, and MacintoshTM.
  • Requires two or more eRacks Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems.
  • RAID 5 hardware setup with hot spare drives.


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