Feb 29, 2016 - eRacks Systems Offers 600 Terabyte Data Capacity With New eRacks/NAS60 Data Storage Servers

Los Gatos, California – February 29, 2016eRacks Open Source Systems announced today the release of its new eRacks/NAS60 high-capacity data storage servers with storage capacity of up to 600 Terabytes of raw storage space. The California based firm is a major manufacturer and provider of Open Source based rackmount high-capacity and Petascale data storage servers for network attached storage as well as cloud-based applications.

The new eRacks/NAS60 is a 4U rackmount unit that comes with 60 top-loading drawer-style drive bays. eRacks Systems is offering these units to come with combinations of 6, 8, and 10 Terabyte capacity hard drives, allowing for a total raw data storage space of up to 600 Terabytes.

Customers of eRacks Systems can order eRacks/NAS60 to be configured with up to sixty 10-Terabyte HGST drives bringing the capacity of the unit to 600 Terabytes. Also combinations of lower capacity hard drives are possible for lower space requirements and applications. The chassis, eRacks/4U-60RHD, is 26,5 inches deep and holds 60 3.5 inch drives bays. The unit is controlled by two Intel Xeon E5-2609 v3 processors and two 32GB DDR4 for a total of 64GB of RAM.

eRacks/NAS60 is offered with lower capacity hard drives to offer more affordable pricing options to eRacks Systems customers. “The 8-Terabyte drives are the 'Sweet spot' yielding 480 Terabytes of raw storage - The 10 Terabyte hard drives may be considerably more expensive than lower capacity drives,” Says eRacks Systems’ CTO and founder Joseph Wolff, “They may not be the ‘sweet-spot’ of cost per Terabyte, but for those users who need every available Terabyte these drives are certainly an option.”

eRacks Systems has always been committed to providing high-capacity, cloud-ready storage servers based on Open Source operating systems. Company’s customers receive their purchased units completely pre-loaded and pre-installed with their choices of open source operating system and software, ready to go.

eRacks Systems’ signature service is tailor-designed specifically aiming to save customers time and money by delivering turnkey products as possible. Choices of cloud / storage software such as Ceph, OpenStack, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, OpenNebula, ProxMox are available, as well as NAS software and operating systems including FreeNAS, NAS4Free, OpenMediaVault, and more.

As other products offered by the company, eRacks/NAS60 will come with a standard one year warranty and three years of limited warranty. eRacks Systems years of experience in open source software configuration is an added value to its top quality professional computing hardware products and offers.

"Leap into Petascale-class storage today!" puns founder Joseph Wolff.

eRacks Systems offices are located in Hayward and Los Gatos, California.

Customers can contact eRacks Systems by phone number (408) 455-0010 or email at info@eracks.com. Company’s website https://eracks.com is available for further information about all Open Source solutions provided by the eRacks Open Source Systems.

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