eRacks open positions

Note: All positions are on a 1099 / corp-to-corp / contracting basis

Sales and Marketing

Part-time marketing and/or saleperson for ongoing marketing efforts, press releases, mailing, sales followup, answering inquiries, etc.

Must have:

  • Experience with rackmount hardware
  • Experience with and knowledge of Open Source, and the community(ies)
  • Self-starter, ability to work unsupervised
  • Excellent communication skills

For marketing side:

  • Marketing and public-relations experience
  • Ability to write press releases, maintain website press releases and press pages
  • Ability to write blog postings, tweets, FB posts, etc
  • Experience with Mailings / mailouts, newsletters, etc

For sales side:

  • Sales follow-up experience, ability to close, and ask for the order
  • Professional, courteous approach with aplomb, tact, and diplomacy
  • Excellent understanding of competitive bid situations

Nice to have:

  • Ability to do both marketing and sales

Marketing side:

  • Experience with PR Web, other PR-submission sites
  • Experience with MailChip, other mailing services, possibly PHPList
  • Knowledge of HTML, how to compose a newsletter, etc
  • Blog posting experience, enough HTML or Markdown for that

Sales side:

  • an exisitng customer base to tap into
  • commission-only confidence
  • Proven track record of closing sales

Django web developer

Part-time Django web developer / intern, for ongoing development and maintenance of both the main eRacks site and the eRacks accessories site.

Must have:

  • 3 years experience with Django / Python
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery experience
  • experience with Git
  • self-starter, able to work remotely

Nice to have:

  • Stylus / Haml experience, Django plugins
  • Mobile / Responsive experience
  • Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation experience


Inquiries to

Include resume, job history, desired hourly rate and availability