Mar 11, 2015 - eRacks Announces Upgraded eRacks/NAS24 - 200-TB-class Storage for under $20,000

eRacks Announces Upgraded eRacks/NAS24 - 200-TB-class Storage for under $20,000

eRacks Open Source Systems is pleased to announce their higher-storage-density upgrade of its popular eRacks/NAS24 rackmount storage server - new 8TB Archive drives allow price-breakthrough $/density of nearly 200TB for well under $20,000.

eRacks/NAS24 Storage Server

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Available immediately, it combines a rack usage of only 4U with a density of 24 drives, which, when combined with the current technology of widely available 8TB drives, yields a total storage of up to 192TB*.

For this affordable price-point, Seagate Archive Hard Drives for Cloud Storage / Near-line storage are utilized. (Enterprise-class 8TB Helium filled drives are also availabel at additional cost, and are also very miserly on power and quite "Green".)

Industry’s first high-capacity hard drive designed for cost-effectively storing active archive data and cloud content . Here are some Technical specifications ( that make it so unique:

High-density 8TB hard drives for petabytes of affordable and accessible long-term online storage.
Enables significant system-level TCO savings with best cost-per-TB
Maximum storage efficiency with lowest watts-per-TB
Reliable, low-power data retrieval based on Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology
RV-balanced for high density environments

The eRacks/NAS24 is a Cloud or NAS (Network Attached Storage) storage server, Available with OpenStack, OpenAttic, or any variety of cloud, SDS (Software Defined Storage), or NAS software.  This model has been upgraded to include multicore Intel E5 V2 and V3 Haswell and IvyBridge CPUs in either single or dual-processor configurations. Quad-socket and even higher-end confuigurations are available, including AMD Opteron.  Contact eRacks for a quote.

The default configuration includes:
Chassis: NAS4U 24RHD 1200W RPS 26"depth
Motherboard: eRacks Intel Dual Xeon E5-2600 v2/v3 IPMI motherboard
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2609 v3 (15M Cache, 1.90 GHz)
Memory: 4GB DDR4 Memory (2133/2400/2666) ECC / REG
Hard Drives: Seagate Archive 5-8TB 3.5" SATA6 5900RPM SMR Hard Drive
RAID card: RAID 6 (striped with dual parity)
OS: 2x SSD 120GB Samsung 840 or 850 EVO or better, Mirrored

"We are delighted to be able to make this affordable new 200TB-class upgrade available, enabled by the new higher-density 8TB Archive drives that are now readily available. This makes our great open source cloud server solutions more accessible to a wider audience at this price-point" said Joseph Wolff, Founder and CTO of eRacks Systems.

About eRacks

eRacks was founded by system architects and network design consultants who over the last twenty-five years have had first-hand experience setting up enterprise-level computing infrastructures. eRacks’ founders decided to leverage their expertise by designing ready-to-run systems, saving customers money, configuration time, and frustration. eRacks Systems, founded in 1999, has locations in Fremont and Los Gatos CA.

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*For the purposes of this press release, the term “Terabyte” is used to mean one trillion bytes – eRacks understands the issues about this, we are using the term as the disk drive and other industry manufacturers use it.

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