Warranty and Order Policies

Warranty, Delivery, and Payment Terms

Payment Terms
Full payment may be rendered to eRacks by credit card, check in advance, wire transfer, cashier's check, or other negotiable methods, as determined by eRacks.

If paid by credit card, charges for your order will appear on your credit card statement as a charge from eRacks Systems and/or Security Architects Inc, the parent company of eRacks. Depending on the shipping method chosen, direct shipping charges may appear on your credit card statement from DHL, UPS, or Federal Express, separately from your order charge.

In addition, credit review and approval by eRacks may result in Net 10 payment terms (Net 10 calendar days from date of invoice or shipment, whichever comes first), or COD / CIA company check. eRacks reserves sole discretion to place the customer on credit hold, in which event eRacks shall promptly notify the customer and may delay shipment.

First orders from new customers may be subject to additional restrictions, such as no dropship (must ship to billing address), and cleared funds prior to order processing.

International shipments and select domestic orders may be required to pay via wire transfer in advance, at eRacks' sole discretion.

Orders over $10,000 are subject to a 50% cleared-funds deposit prior to the build, at eRacks' sole discretion.

All products delivered pursuant to this agreement shall be shipped FOB origin to the customer ShipTo address set forth on the order form. Title of equipment passes to customer upon shipment.

Time to ship
Our target time-to-ship for standard models is 5-10 business days. Special-orders and backorder/allocation of components may be up to 15 business days. Custom-configured systems and systems requiring interoperability qualification or post-installation consulting may take longer to complete and test.  Substitutions as required (see "Products" below) and email approvals from customers may lengthen order processing time. Time-to-ship is calculated from the date of receipt of cleared funds.

Separate shipping ond other charges
On select models (typically larger servers), shipping, packaging, pallet charges, freight, insurance, etc vary from order to order, and will typically be charged separately (either by credit card, or to customer's shipping carrier account) directly to the customer at the time of shipment.  This typically saves the customer money by charging actual cost rather than a pre-set amount which would have to be high enough to cover worst-case scenarios.  On request, eRacks can provide an estimate in advance and include it in your incvoice / payment.  Shipping costs calculated at CHeckout are estimates only and subject to adjustment.  Final invoice will reflect actual cost/price. 

Invoice Date

Invoice Date is defined as the date of the website purchase, or the date of the quote purchase / wire transfer / credit card charge, whichever comes first.

Cancellation and Restocking Fees
Canceled orders and orders returned within thirty days of invoice are subject to a minimum 20% cancellation / restocking fee. The customer is responsible for return shipping charges, if any.

Due to continuing technological advancements and fluctuations in supplier availability, eRacks reserves the right to alter product offerings at any time. eRacks shall put forth our best efforts in adhering to customer specifications, but conforming goods may be used to ensure quality and performance.  Substitutions may be presented to customer for approval at eRacks' discretion.

Return Policy
This policy applies to products shipped within the United States only. If not completely satisfied with eRacks products, customer may return them to eRacks within 30 days of invoice for a refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling costs and a minimum 20% restocking fee; custom builds and orders may be higher, at eRacks' sole discretion. Customer must ship products back to eRacks in original packaging and condition, and prepay shipping charges. Customer assumes the risk for loss or damage during shipment. Customer is advised to insure the return shipment with the carrier.  All returns require an eRacks-issued RMA number and approval prior to being received at eRacks. The approved RMA number must be prominently visible on the outside of the packaging.

RMA and Hardware Support Policy:
Our support technicians will help you evaluate your problem and issue RMA numbers for any returns. Email support@eracks.com with any system problems. Any component or system returned to eRacks must have a valid RMA number noted on the outside of the package, or the package will be returned.
1. Drive failures: The customer may choose to remove the drive from the system and return it to eRacks, or for more expedience, directly to the manufacturer. eRacks will cross-ship components, only with a credit card guarantee. Customer is repsponsible for shipping charges.
2. CPU or CPU Cooler failure: eRacks should replace these components in-house. Obtain an RMA number and return the unit.
3. Operating System install/re-install: eRacks will install, configure and test your system with your choice of operating system. eRacks' warranty is only valid with your original configuration. Any configuration issues, hardware incompatibilities, or other issues as the result of the customer's installation, re-installation, or re-building of an operating system are not covered by the warranty. Machines ordered with no operating system specified will be tested with a generic Linux install and any issues arising as a result of the customer's operating system installation are the customer's responsibility.
4. Any other problems: The customer shall obtain a valid RMA number and return the entire system to eRacks for repair, with the RMA number clearly indicated on the outside of the box.

eRacks may, at its sole discretion, identify products that are not returnable.

Service and Support
eRacks is committed to providing the highest quality customer and technical support. Standard technical support is available for one (1) year from the invoice date. The number of technical support incidents with the standard support package is limited to five (5) for each system purchased. eRacks supports the configuration of the system as purchased. Support may not include re-installation of the operating system or the installation and configuration of hardware not purchased from eRacks. eRacks does not offer support for dual boot systems or for the integration of our servers with other systems. eRacks has no obligation to provide service or support until it has received payment in full for the product for which the support is requested.

Environmental considerations
Every effort is made to ensure your system functions flawlessly under normal operating conditions. Abnormal or nonstandard operating conditions, such as high-temperature or high-humidity environments, operating in the sun, radiant or contact heat from other nearby objects, or excessively high CPU utilization under constant conditions, may occasionally cause heat or stress-related issues.

eRacks Warranties and consulting

All warranties are non-transferrable. The warranty period begins on the date of invoice. Damages incurred in shipping of the products are not included in this warranty; this is the responsibility of the shipping carrier. eRacks ships all its products insured to their full value. Shipping is the responsiblility of the customer, and should be shipped insured to full value.

  1. Standard 1 yr full / 3 yr Limited Warranty
eRacks warrants hardware products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of invoice, and will repair or replace the unit accordingly upon failure and return inspection. The Standard Warranty includes up to 3 years of individual components' warranties, as included by the component's manufacturer. This will be honored either by manufacturer directly or by eRacks. Technical assistance via email (only) with up to five (5) technical support incidents for each system purchased, will be provided.

  2. eRacks services, available on a quote / contract basis include:

 · Expert network, system design and architecture consulting
 · Open source migration and planning assitance
 · Enterprise-level open-source integration and migration roadmaps
 · Other software development services including driver development, and hardware consulting, are available.
Please contact consulting@eracks.com.

Other specific warranties, SLAs, or consulting may be available - contact us for details and a custom quote.

eRacks ships all products in boxes and packaging approved to the specs of the shipping carriers we use. Visible damage of any eRacks product received by the customer, externally visible or visible upon unpacking, must be claimed to the shipping carrier immediately upon receipt. Failure to do so voids the warranty. All packing materials must be retained to show to the claims inspectors for the shipping carriers.

eRacks does not warrant damage due to external causes including, but not limited to, accident, abuse, misuse, problems with electrical power, failure to maintain environmental conditions within operating range specified by manufacturer, relocations or attempts to relocate systems, servicing not authorized by eRacks, usage not in accordance with product instructions, failure to perform required preventive maintenance, and problems caused by use of parts and components not supplied by eRacks. eRacks hardware products are not warrantied, implied or otherwise, as to their merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose. External accessories and devices not directly manufactured by eRacks (such as monitors, uninterruptible power supplies, tape drives, speakers and rack enclosures) are warranted directly by the individual manufacturer. Any sign that the serial number has been altered or tampered with voids this warranty. Adding or changing components without concurrence of eRacks technical support voids this warranty.

eRacks systems include software that is licensed free of charge, or is licensed by the customer directly from the manufacturer. As no licensing fee is passed on by eRacks to the customer, eRacks makes no claims or warranties, either express or implied, of any kind, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, to the extent permitted by law. Customer assumes entire risk as to the quality and performance of the software. eRacks is not liable for any damages including, but not limited to, loss or corruption of data.

Extent of warranty
eRacks' RESPONSIBILITY FOR DEFECTS IN MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP IS LIMITED TO REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT AS SET FORTH IN THE WARRANTY. This warranty supercedes all other warranties, express or implied. For specific instructions on the warranty service procedure, see the guidelines on the support section of the eRacks website.

Limitation of Liability

Other Agreements and Documents
These terms and conditions herein supersede any similar or related terms in all purchase orders, purchase agreements, service agreements, client agreements, or other documents presented to us and/or agreed upon by us.  In the event of any conflicts or overlap, this document's terms and conditions shall prevail.  By placing your order with us, you agree to these terms in full, and without limitation or exception.

Customer Obligations
Customer agrees to comply with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Products are subject to United States export laws and may be subject to export and import laws of other countries. Customer will strictly comply with such laws. Customer warrants to be the end user. Separate terms and conditions may apply to reseller/OEM agreements.

Governing Law
This agreement and any order issued hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the State of California. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded. The parties hereby agree and consent that any dispute relating to the products sold hereunder shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the United States District Court closest to the current headquarters location of eRacks Systems.