Apr 07, 2009 - eRacks Introduces a Behemoth 100TB Capacity 8U Rackmount Server

Press Release
eRacks Introduces a Behemoth 100TB Capacity 8U Rackmount Server
Orange, CA, April 7, 2009 Orange, CA (PRWEB) April 7, 2009 -- eRacks Open Source Systems is now offering 2-terabyte drives in its NAS (Network Attached Storage) line of rackmount servers. The systems range from 8TB capacity in a 4-drive 1U-height rackmount chassis to the behemoth 50-drive 9U system with a capacity of 100TB. Data storage is a growing concern for data-heavy video and other media-based files. Cloud and other enterprise storage servers are the focus for these systems.

eRacks NAS systems incorporates Western Digital's new Caviar Green 2TB drive, which uses less power and is quieter than a typical hard drive. The large-capacity drives' technology include system-induced vibration reduction, spin-speed fine-tuning, and calculations for optimally seeking speeds to lower power consumption, noise, and vibration. Data reliability is achieved through a choice of RAID configurations of 10, 5, 6, 1 or 0. RAID 6, striped disks with dual parity, makes it possible to recreate data even under a double disk failure.

The basic price of an eRacks server includes standard or customized file system partitioning and RAID configuration. An extensive list of operating systems are offered online. eRacks' innovative NOSS (Network Operation System Server) technology allows easy configuration with a choice of back-end storage protocols automatically, including iSCSI & NFS, AoE (ATA over Ethernet), Samba / CIFS, and Appletalk.

eRacks can install OpenFiler, an open source alternative to the NetApp Filer, on request. OpenFiler supports RAID, Fiber Channel, full iSCSI (target and initiator), point-in-time snapshots, replication, and has a convenient Web-based GUI.

"We're pleased that eRacks is able to deliver dense rackmount storage in a green, energy-efficient platform," remarked Joseph Wolff, CEO.

eRacks has specialized in providing customized open source rackmount and desktop servers since 1999. The company also offers dedicated hosting services and maintains a close partnership with The Libre Group, consultants with expertise in open source enterprise migration.

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