Apr 29, 2011 - 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity Available on eRacks Rackmount Servers.

Press Release

10 Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity Available on eRacks Rackmount Servers.

Orange, CA, Apr 29, 2011

eRacks Open Source Systems (https://eRacks.com) offers a choice of cost-effective 10GbE adapters to a broad range of servers. Customized and preconfigured, rackmount server solutions are also available including NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems.

Orange, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2011 -- April 29, 2011 eRacks today announces the availability of 10 gigabit ethernet (10GbE) across the board on its entire line of enterprise-grade servers, available in three flavors: CX4, RJ-45 (both copper) or SFP+ (fiber optic.)

Previously, mainstream servers were limited to 1 gbps of bandwidth per network adapter, forcing systems administrators to resort to the cumbersome procedure of bonding NICs when more bandwidth was required. Now, eRacks offers 10x that performance, all through a single port.

eRacks offers a host of choices when deciding on a 10GbE solution. Those who require only short range connections are free to choose from CX4 or the fiber optic interface SFP+, and will most likely want SFP+ when a low-power low-latency connection is desired. Conversely, those who require up to 100m of cabling will want to explore the RJ-45 option.

10GbE is crucial for any system that needs to move large amounts of data back and forth across a network. 10GbE makes a great foundation for network attached storage, for example, and works exceptionally well with technologies such as iSCSI. 10GbE is also highly useful for the rendering of high definition audio and video across a network and can easily find a home in any studio.

Now is an ideal time to invest in 10GbE, as costs are finally coming down and adoption is becoming much more common.

About eRacks Open Source Systems:
eRacks has been on the forefront of technology for over ten years and strives to ensure that the latest and greatest in rackmount servers are always available to users of open source software. eRacks builds custom systems to order and offers educational discounts as well as discounts for buying in bulk. For more information, visit the eRacks website at https://www.eracks.com or call (714) 532-5322.