Aug 3, 2004 - eRacks Introduces a 4-way Opteron Server

Press Release

  eRacks Introduces a 4-way Opteron Server.

August 4, 2004

Laguna Beach, CA -

eRacks Open Source Systems today announces the availability of a quad-CPU 64-bit computing powerhouse, the eRacks/QUADOPT. Memory and data-intensive applications such as CAD, animation/rendering, financial and scientific modeling all benefit from 64-bit computing because the AMD OpteronTM processor has 1 terabyte of addressable memory compared to only 4 gigabytes by 32-bit processors. The Opteron architecture also provides a seamless migration path to 64-bit computing, enabling users to run existing 32-bit code.

eRacks fuels the trend to 64-bit computing in the open source arena, by providing the hardware already configured and tested with the customer's choice of 64-bit operating systems. Already proven to run even legacy 32-bit applications faster than 32-bit CPUs, the move to 64-bits is now more compelling than ever.

The eRacks/QUADOPT is housed in a 4U chassis, and comes complete with four 800-series Opteron CPUs, dual Gigabit Ethernet, single 10/100 LAN, U320 SCSI, and redundant 500W power supplies. The eRacks/QUADOPT is priced competitively beginning at $9995. For more information, visit eRacks' website at

About the company:
eRacks Open Source System is a provider of open source solutions and features its own rackmount servers, desktops and laptops as well as a wide array of services including open source enterprise migration, security, and network architecture design. eRacks offers a wide choice of operating systems and open source application configured on its products, ensuring hardware compatibility and saving the customer valuable time in installation and preconfiguration.

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