eRacks introduces Cash for Clunkers program

Summary: eRacks introduces a program that allows consumers and business to trade in their existing servers, notebooks, or PC's for a cash discount on the purchase of a new system. Upto 5000.00 off, with all old units being recycled or refurbished.


Orange, CA ( Press Release, PRWEB, PRLog ) – Aug 26, 2009 – For more information contact eRacks @ 714-532-5322 or visit

eRacks Offers upto $5000 Cash for Computer and Service Clunkers

eRacks, one of the nation's largest open source computer related manufacturer, is offering a special Cash for PC Clunkers programs that promises discounts of up to $5000 for certain systems. The multi-thousand dollar discount is available when a working system is traded in on one of eRacks highly rated newer models.

There are some minimum requirements to receive the maximum discount and all the computers and systems that are traded-in are scheduled to be recycled. Any parts still energy efficient enough to be viable will be reused by eracks for internal purposes. The new systems also increase energy savings and efficiency and are RoHS compatible, which is an added green perk for participants of this program. Some units could be donated to local charities to assist in spreading the open source movement. Another benefit is a customer relations contact in the United States to assist with technical questions.

The discount is provided by eRacks own Open Source Stimulus Fund that was setup as a way to give consumers a chance to trade-up and also to give new adopters a chance to utilize the less expensive Open Source Operating Systems.

“The Open Source Stimulus Fund is a great tool to reach out and give back, I truly think this line of thinking will not only increase the open source base, but also help the environment and increase awareness of the alternatives available to your standard office or server computer operating system.” Said Max Haskvitz, Operations and General Manager of eRacks.

The California based eRacks is one of the leading rackmount and pc manufacturers of open source systems in the United States and keeps all labor and manufacturing domestically. They carry a full line of laptops, desktops, servers and netbooks, as well as offer hosting and consulting services. Serving the open source community for over 10 years they continue to launch innovative products and programs to help assist the ever-growing Linux/BSD community.

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eRacks Open Source Systems features its own line of rackmount servers, desktops, and laptops and offers a wide array of services including open source enterprise migration, security, and network architecture services.

eRacks strives to return the control of the IT department back to the business owner, by providing quality open source enterprise-level applications on easily-upgradable industry-standard hardware. eRacks believes businesses should not be required to rely on third-party closed-source software vendors.

eRacks was founded by system architects and network design consultants who over the last twenty-five years have had first-hand experience setting up enterprise-level computing infrastructures. eRacks' founders decided to leverage their expertise by designing ready-to-run systems, saving customers money, configuration time, and frustration.

eRacks was created in 1999. The main facility is located in Orange, Ca, eRacks also has offices in Silicon Valley, California.

eRacks Open Source Systems
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