Feb 26, 2002 - eRacks Announces ISP/ASP Partner Program

For Immediate Release

eRacks Announces ISP/ASP Partner Program

 - eRacks today announced its ISP/ASP Partner Program, 
a comprehensive solution for custom-configured application-specific rackmount servers, 
tailored to the needs of the ISP/ASP market. 

eRacks can ship fully-customized open source software solutions on configurable, qualified 
hardware platforms to give the ISP and their customers maximum flexibility and reliability. 

The eRacks ISP/ASP Partner Program offers: 

a)      Preinstalled ISP/ASP-tailored configuration - Your custom configuration saved and 
        installed by eRacks. FreeVSD, UML (User Mode Linux or Linux-within-Linux), 
        FreeBSD "Jail"s, and others are available.

b)      Significantly discounted product pricing, especially in quantity.

c)      Configurable preinstalled open source operating systems and application software, 
        including OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, RedHat Linux, Mandrake Linux, PHP, Zope, Apache, 
        PHP, osCommerce, PostgreSQL, WebMin, Webalizer, Analog, and many others.

d)      Configurable hardware options, including processor type, memory options, chassis, 
        mass storage, and peripherals.

e)      Integration services such as consulting in network design and IT architecture.

f)      Joint marketing and sales support, including access to our sales and technical teams.

g)      Web site Listing and Links

h)      Presence on eRacks' Recommended Partner List

i)      Qualified lead referral

If you would like to pursue a relationship with eRacks, or request more information, please send an email to partner@eracks.com. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

About eRacks Thin Systems:

eRacks, headquartered in Laguna Beach, California, provides a world-class high-performance rackmount computer systems, offering customized open source solutions to customers’ specifications. All systems are designed, installed and tested using the latest proven open source operating systems and software. For more information about eRacks' complete portfolio of products and professional services, please visit https://eracks.com.