Jan 23, 2011 - eRacks/FLAT: the Dust-proof and Silent Small Form Factor Computer

Press Release
eRacks/FLAT: the Dust-proof and Silent Small-Form-Factor(SFF) Computer
Orange, CA, Jan 23, 2011 Summary: eRacks Open Source Systems presents a silent, dust-proof Small Form Factor (SFF) computer system. The small flat shape makes it ideal for a wall-mount, information kiosk, or other specialized applications.

Orange, CA. Jan 23, 2011.

eRacks today unveils the eRacks/FLAT, an affordable SFF (small form factor) system with no fans or other moving parts, making it virtually silent. Sealed in a dust-proof case, it is ideal not only for the home or the office, but for industrial environments with a high concentration of airborne particles.

Measuring just 7.3" x 8.1" x 1.3" (185mm x 206mm x 33mm), the eRacks/FLAT fits perfectly into a small space, and with no moving parts, the conspicuous absence of noise makes it ideal for even the most tranquil environments. In addition, the Intel Atom N270 CPU clocked at 1.6GHz, maximum of 2GB RAM and up to 64GB of SSD storage make for the perfect combination of performance and size, and empower individuals with a diverse range of interests. All software, including the operating system, is open source by default, not only ensuring a quality end-user experience, but also saving the customer money.

eRacks Open Source Systems is located in Orange, CA, and has been specializing in open source solutions for over ten years. While eRacks prides itself on being a leading provider of rackmount servers, it also strives to cater to the home user, and also caters to the Broadcast and Studio market. eRacks builds custom systems to order and offers educational discounts as well as discounts for buying in bulk. For more information, visit the eRacks website at http://www.eracks.com or call (714) 532-5322.

To learn more about the eRacks/FLAT visit: https://eRacks.com/FLAT/

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