eRacks releases Intel Xeon E7-4800 and E7-8800 series rackmount servers

Summary: eRacks Open Source Systems adds two rackmount servers utilizing the latest Xeon Westmere-EX processors to their online catalog, the eRacks/NAS6X and the eRacks/NAS16X, suitable for massive deployments and mission-critical applications.

July 5, 2011- Orange, CA - PRWeb - eRacks announces its latest offering of both the 4 and the 8 CPU Westmere-EX processors in its NAS line of servers. Earlier this year, Intel released two new lines of Xeon processors, the E7-4800 series (for systems with up to four processors) and the E7-8800 series (for systems with up to 8 processors), both codenamed Westmere-EX. These CPUs sport a new socket (socket 1567), up to 10 cores per processor (for a total of 20 threads of execution) and up to 30MB of cache.

The eRacks/NAS6X sports as many as 40 cores and 512GB of RAM, whereas the eRacks/NAS16X sports up to 80 cores and 1TB of RAM. Both systems are therefore ideal for any applications that require massive parallelism and large quantities of memory. And, with Intel claiming 40% greater performance as compared to the Xeon 7500 series, the end user is assured more performance for less cost. Intel says that these processors "support massively scalable deployments and mission-critical workloads."

The new series are also more energy efficient than previous models, as various parts of the CPU can now be shut down when not in use. This saves the end user money, making the new Xeons a good investment.

eRacks has been on the forefront of technology for over ten years, and has taken great pains to ensure that the latest and greatest has always been available to users of open source software. eRacks builds custom systems to order and offers educational discounts as well as discounts for buying in bulk. For more information, visit the eRacks website at or call (714) 532-5322.

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