March 27, 2014 - eRacks Announces the Launch of Their Biggest Cloud Server Ever – eRacks/NAS50 rackmount server is Now Available with 300 Terabytes of Storage

eRacks announces immediate availability of the 300TB eRacks/NAS50 flagship cloud server. At 9U of rackspace, with 50 drives, and best-of-breed open-source cloud software such as OpenStack installed, the new eRacks/NAS50 provides an excellent high-density private cloud solution at an affordable price.

Fremont, CA (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

eRacks Open Source Systems, a leading provider of turnkey rackmount cloud and NAS servers, is pleased to announce the new 300TB configuration of our flagship eRacks/NAS50 rackmount cloud and storage server.

Available immediately, it combines 9U of rackspace with a density of fifty 3.5" drives, all front-accessible (no drawers or stacking required), which, when combined with the current technology of newly-qualified 6TB drives, yields a total storage of 300TB.

This yields a truly petascale solution - four eRacks/NAS50 servers in a standard 42u rack gives you 1.2 Petabytes - with room to spare for a UPS, KVM, Network switch/firewall, or other rack accessories.

In addition, these new 6TB drives are Helium-filled - which requires far less rotational energy, making them 23% more efficient - and the drives are also lighter (the helium helps, here!), meaning the packing crate has a lower shipping weight as well, saving money on shipping as well as on month-to-month electricity bills - a truly green solution.

The unit is also available partially populated, at a reduced price, to make it accessible at a lower initial price, and the storage can be increased later by filling the empty drive trays.

eRacks' signature service is provisioning and pre-configuration - all eRacks systems are available with any of the popular Linux distributions - Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, Centos, Fedora, even the Arch Linux distro, which is growing fast in popularity, as well as FreeBSD, OpenBSD, or other Open Source OSes.

eRacks can set up one or multiple servers with pre-configured cloud offerings such as OpenStack, CloudStack or Eucalytptus, to name three leading choices.

eRacks will pre-install any open source NAS software, such as FreeNAS, OpenFiler, NAS4Free and OpenMediaVault, among others - and administrative dashboards and web GUIs are offered on most of these software choices.

Other available options include best-of-breed Open Source software for BigData / Cloud storage, NAS, and networking - including Hadoop, MooseFS, CIFS, GlusterFS, etc - and eRacks is a partner with

eRacks' policy is to install any Linux/BSD distro or Open Source software on request - Contact eRacks today at to see how they can meet your needs.

Joe Wolff, CTO and Founder of eRacks Open Source Systems, remarks off-handedly:

"With 23 percent less power consumption and 50 percent more storage, this brings watts-per-petabyte efficiency to a whole new level - Go Green now and save Big Bucks on your Big Data power bill!"

About eRacks

eRacks Open Source Systems was founded in 1999 with a vision to make open source software available on the finest hardware, and is the leading provider of rackmount servers, laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks, and desktops pre-configured with the latest Open Source software, including Linux, BSD, Apache, and cloud software such as OpenStack or CloudStack.

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