April 17 2021 - eRacks is now Offering storage for Local and Network based Security Systems on Surveillance rackmount servers.

Santa Clara, California –April 2021 eRacks Open Source Systems announced today the induction of its new eRacks/NVR high-capacity Surveillance storage

servers with up to 432 Terabytes of DVRNVR & HVR(Hybrid video recorder capable of storing both digital and network recording) Storage in Surveillance rack mount servers. The California-based firm is also a major manufacturer and provider of Open Source based rackmount high-capacity and Petascale data storage servers for Network Attached Storage (NAS) & Surveillance Storage as well as cloud-based applications.

The new eRacks/NVR is a 4U that supports up to 432Tb (24x18 Tb)  of surveillance storage with 24 drive bays. eRacks Systems is offering these units with

combinations of 3,6,8,10,15 & 24 HDDs in 2U,3U & 4U Chassis with a total of 432 Tb of DVRNVR Or HVR storage. 

Larger chassis with capacities over 1 Petabyte are available by custom quote.









Customers of eRacks Systems can order eRacks/NVR to be configured with up to 24 18 TB   Seagate SkyHawk™ AI 18 TB surveillance hard drives, and WD Purple surveillance drives bringing the capacity of the unit to 432 Terabytes. Also, combinations of lower capacity hard drives are possible for lower space requirements and applications. The Surveillance Rackmount Server Supports 3,6,8,10,15 & 24 terabytes of removable Hard disk Drive in 2U,3U & 4U Chassis. With standard 3.5-inch drives bays. The unit can be configured to use Intel® Core™ i5 or Dual Intel® Xeon Gold Processors as per customer demand. The memory this system uses are two 32 GB DDR4 for a total of 64 GB of RAM but with presence of up to 16 slots, Configurations up to 2 TB of RAM or more are available by custom quote.

eRacks/NVR is offered partially populated with lower capacity hard drives in its starter configuration, which offers more affordable pricing options to eRacks Systems customers, and a more accessible entry level.

The eRacks NVR server is the surveillance storage you never thought you needed until you came across it, the eRacks NVR will make your security apparatus foolproof, bulletproof and obviously crash proof. With a giant storage of 432 Terabytes you can store your surveillance footage for a longer time with quicker access”

-Joseph Wolff,
Founder and CTO, eRacks Systems

For those who simply cannot compromise on security and storage, the NVR, configured with 18 TB HDDs, feature the first-ever commercial availability of energy-assisted magnetic recording (EAMR) technology on a nine-platter platform, enabling customers to more efficiently provision and scale their data center environments with unmatched total cost of ownership.

With zettabyte-scale data growth, the need for higher-capacity data storage across a broad spectrum of applications and workloads can be reliably met only with high Capacity Enterprise HDDs.


eRacks Systems has always been committed to providing high-capacity, cloud-ready storage servers based on Open Source operating systems. eRacks customers receive their purchased units completely preloaded and pre-installed with their choices of open source operating system and software, ready to go.

eRacks Systems’ signature service is tailored specifically to save customers time and money by delivering turnkey products wherever possible. In addition to the rock-solid Ubuntu 20.04 LTS OS (Any other OS available on request). Choices of cloud / storage software or surveillance software such as Zmninja, Frigate, Moonfire NVR, RapidVMS, Shinobi, Visceron and Hisilicon DVR Telnet are available, as well as NAS software and operating systems.


As other products offered by the company, eRacks/NVR will come with a standard one-year warranty and three years of limited warranty.

Extended warranties are also available.

eRacks Systems years of experience in open source software configuration is an added value to its top-quality professional computing hardware products and offers.


"Think big and secure your thoughts with our surveillance storage! Contact us today to safeguard Your plans and ideas!" 

-Joseph Wolff, Founder and CTO, eRacks Systems

eRacks Systems offices are in Santa Clara and Los Gatos, California, and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Customers can contact eRacks Systems by phone number (408) 455-0010

or email at info@eracks.com.

Company’s website https://eracks.com is available for further information about all Open Source solutions provided by the eRacks Open Source Systems.

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