Dec 31, 2015 - eRacks Introduces Flash-based Large Volume SSD Storage Servers

Los Gatos, California – December 31, 2015eRacks Open Source Systems announced today the release of its new, advanced series of faster, lighter weight, flash-based rackmount storage servers, based on Solid State Disk (SSD) Flash Drive technology.  The eRacks/FLASH10 is the first of of many servers in this line of large-capacity, cloud-ready, flash-based data storage servers to be offered by eRacks, the Open Source systems pioneer. 
The eRacks/FLASH10 server offers durability and reliability to data centers implementing the advanced, high-speed, proven SSD data storage technology.  The 10-bay unit holds 10 hotswap 2.5" SSD Flash Drives (replacing traditional rotating platter-based hard disk drives) and adds extra value to eRacks Systems' extensive line of Open Source petascale-class data storage server solutions.
eRacks/FLASH10 storage servers considerably reduce power requirements compared to data centers utilizing traditional disk drives.  These Solid-State Drives have no moving or mechanical components, as opposed to traditional drives, which require moving actuator arms and motors.  The new eRacks/FLASH10 servers thus use significantly less power, and are therefore a truly “Green” solution.
The Solid State Drives in eRacks/FLASH10 servers are considerably more reliable than their platter-based disk drive counterparts, as there are no moving parts.  The device will not wear out over time, nor be susceptible to damage due to physical trauma or accident. These SSD drives are also much more resilient in unexpected and unfavorable environments, adding security assurance for the data stored on them.

The SSDs themselves are available up to 2TB, for a total capacity of 20TB (4TB drives for 40TB total storage are available by custom quote), and are available in SATA6 (6Gb/s) as well as higher speeds such as SAS12 (12Gbps) and NVMe (up to ~24Gbps).

Summary of available features and basic specifications / capabilities:

- Intel, Samsung, SanDisk SSDs available, up to 10-year warranty
- NVMe, SATA6, or SAS12 SSDs supported, up to 2TB
- Larger drives such as 4TB available by custom quote
- Capacities up to 20TB raw storage (40TB total raw storage by custom quote)
- Up to 1.5TB of DDR4 ECC RAM
- Up to 4x GbE or 10GbE ports
- Dedicated IPMI port
- Redundant power supply

This new SSD technology can provide a much higher data retrieval speed, typically being at least 2x-3x faster, and often up to 10x faster in best-case scenarios.

The improvement in performance is due to (a) Solid-State Drives’ unique technology allowing for zero-latency (due to not having to wait for the platters to rotate to the spot where the data is), and (b) due to new bus and data-transfer technologies such as PCIe / NVMe (up to 24Gbps), and SAS12 (12GBPs) which are quadruple and double the data-transfer rate of SATA6 (6Gbps, fastest currently available), respectively.

Even so, the lightning-fast data retrieval speed does not generate more heat nor consume more power - In fact the new Flash drives consume about one-third of the amount of energy of traditional hard drives, and run 30-40% cooler. 

Additionally, eRacks/FLASH10 storage servers create much less noise due to incorporation of the new silent SSD drives.
As always, eRacks Systems' 10-bay hot-swap removable storage unit comes preinstalled and preconfigured with customers’ choice of Open Source operating system and cloud storage software, including customers' choice of Linux or BSD, Ceph, OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenNebula, Docker, Eucalyptus, Samba / CIFs, and any other Open Source software requested by the customer.

The combination of power that comes with Open Source technology along with green characteristics of the new SSD Flash drives, makes this product an advanced, environment-friendly and cost-effective solution from small to miedium-sized (SMB) companies, to the Enterprise. 
eRacks Systems has offices in Hayward and Los Gatos, California.  Customers can contact eRacks Systems by phone number (408)455-0010 or email at  Company’s website is available for further information on all Open Source solutions provided by the eRacks Systems.
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