Feb 11, 2009 - eRacks Announces Significant Uptick in Demand for Open Source Systems

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  eRacks Announces Significant Uptick in Demand for Open Source.

February 11, 2009

The recent economic upheaval has raised the level of urgency and reframed the argument for open source software. Focus questions of IT have changed from the likes of 'Should we consider open source software?' to 'When and how can we migrate our business applications to open source?' Rapid development and advances in open source software, in combination with growing awareness of vendor lock-in with recurring license fees, have further contributed to open source adoption.

Faced with flat or cut budgets, CIOs, CTOs, and IT planners have been pushed out of their comfort zone. Many are developing strategies to use open source software, avoiding expensive operating costs. eRacks Open Source Systems reports orders for servers configured with Linux and *BSD have risen significantly the last few months.

But it's not just about operating costs. Open source software returns control to the user. It allows customization, avoids forced unneeded upgrades and recurring license fees. Support for open source software is both freely accessible and available for purchase. Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, EnterpriseDB, MySQL and others now have corporate support programs for open source software. Open source has long been prevalent in the web and back-end Internet services. Now it is in common use in databases, CMS (Content Management Systems), and other applications.

"Having received multiple purchase orders just in the last few weeks from organizations like University of Southern California, Broadcom Corp., the US Army, the Dept of Energy, and NASA, we see that open source has truly hit the mainstream in the server market," comments Joseph Wolff, CEO of eRacks. One typical computer configuration requested at eRacks is an Intel® Core i7 CPU rackmount server, installed with Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos, or Red Hat Linux. This high power system is often the first choice for a server dedicated to the analysis of large data sets.

eRacks has specialized in providing customized open source rackmount and desktop servers since 1999. The company also maintains a close partnership with The Libre Group, consultants with expertise in open source enterprise migration.

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