Jun 27, 2003 - eRacks Presents QUIET Rackmount Systems

Press Release

eRacks Launches New Line of Quiet Systems for Noise-Sensitive Environments.

Laguna Beach, CA (June 27, 2003)--

eRacks Open Source Systems, a company specializing in open source systems and founded by system consultants with more than 15 years of experience, announced a new line of rackmount and desktop systems for noise-sensitive environments.

Using a special combination of low-noise chassis fans, fan-placement and other low-noise components, eRacks has virtually eliminated the familiar noisy computer 'hum'. These components also include low-heat CPUs and ultra-quiet CPU fans.

In-house design experts created these new models for environments where noise needs to be kept to a minimum. Such environments include recording studios, hospitals, and home theaters. eRacks/QUIET systems also creates a quieter and lower-stress office environment.

Joseph Wolff, Founder and President of eRacks commented, "With technology pervasive in the workplace, system noise has become a big issue and we've had many requests for a solution. We are delighted to use our expertise to meet our customers' needs.” He added, "Our eRacks/QUIET systems generate just 35 dB, less noise than rustling clothes."

For more information, visit http://eRacks.com.

About the Company
eRacks is an independent company based in Southern California offering fully-configured, high-performance open source systems. From multi-terabyte storage to desktop and web hosting machines, eRacks provides custom solutions to all types of computing needs.

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Director of Marketing & Sales
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