Sep 28, 2004 - eRacks Open Source Systems offers Leasing

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  eRacks Open Source Systems offers Leasing.

Sep 28, 2004

Laguna Beach, CA -

eRacks now offers leasing arrangements, increasing the accessibility of open source solutions to the SMB market (small and midrange businesses). Leasing a suite of rackmount servers is now possible for as little as $68 a month, with rates dependent on quantity and type of systems leased, length of lease, and credit approval. A lease assumes and manages the risk of equipment ownership. Leasing allows businesses to meet their technology needs quickly without an up-front investment and also offers significant tax advantages.

Enabling the enterprise by bringing control back to businesses is eRacks' mission. eRacks' systems are built with high-quality non-proprietary industry-standard hardware components, so that their computers are easily upgradable. By offering open source operating systems and applications already configured, eRacks encourages businesses to limit their reliance on third-party closed-source software vendors for key applications, avoiding vendor lock-in. Increased security and reliability are also two important reasons why many major institutions choose to run their network infrastructure using open source software.

It's all about control.
Proprietary software often forces users' business decisions by limiting interoperability with outside products, and requiring upgrade schedules. Infrastructure expansion and scalability may also be threatened, remaining dependent on proprietary software licenses. Using open source software, the business owner maintains control of the development of key business operations and is not dependent on an outside software vendor.

eRacks' winning combination of leasing arrangements, open source software, and easily-upgradable hardware, offers unbeatable value to both the SMB market and the enterprise alike.

About the company:
eRacks Open Source System is a provider of open source solutions and features its own rackmount servers, desktops and laptops as well as a wide array of services including open source enterprise migration, security, and network architecture design. eRacks offers a wide choice of operating systems and open source application configured on its products, ensuring hardware compatibility and saving the customer valuable time in installation and preconfiguration.

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