Jan 29, 2016 - eRacks/QUIET3 Rackmount Servers – Cool And Quiet Enough For A Music Recording Studio

Los Gatos, California – January 29, 2016eRacks Open Source Systems, a leading California-based provider of high-performing, state-of-the-art rackmount open source systems introduced its innovative eRacks/QUIET3 server series this month utilizing the latest technologies in liquid-based CPU cooling and fanless-design computer systems.  The all-new exciting QuietByDesign™ line of products by the company, including the eRacks/QUIET series as well as the eRacks/STUDIO series, bring a totally new class of products into eRacks Systems’ already extensive line of open source products and services.
Just in time for 2016 music industry’s most important trade show NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) that took place 21-24 January in Anaheim, California, eRacks Systems introduced its new line of high performing eRacks/QUIET3 rackmount servers.  These QuietByDesign rackmount systems make perfect solutions by nature for the music and recording industry due to their ability to operate in near total silence.  The thin design of the unit is perfect for music racks, touring rigs, and would fit on almost any rack in any recording and music studio.
eRacks/QUIET series are a great compliment to company’s STUDIO series line of products, making way for an all-new and advance generation of QuietByDesign family of rackmount and desktop computers offered by eRacks Systems. The eRacks/STUDIO is delivered fully installed with open source UbuntuStudio, KXStudio, Planet CCRMA (Stanford), AVLinux, LMMS, as well as with Bitwig, Ardour, or your choice of other Linux DAW & Studio software for audio and video applications.
As the most versatile member of rackmount QUIET family of products, eRacks/QUIET3 is perfectly suitable for any type of noise-restricted environment from simply a quiet office all the way up to very noise-sensitive workplaces such as recording and music production studios.  This 3U unit supports many different internal configuration options to hold 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch, hotswap, and slim optical drives.  The unit is configured to operate quietly most of the times, unless when it comes under heavy workload, in which case a temperature sensor will automatically raise the CPU fan speed to protect it against extreme heat.
The test for quietness is very straightforward according to eRacks’ CTO and founder Joseph Wolff, “If we can’t tell it is on without looking at LEDs, then it meets our ’Quiet System’ standards.”
The eRacks/QUIET2 model, released earlier, is a 2U rackmount system which is also an ideal performer in noise-restricted environments.  Like all other eRacks’ products, the eRacks/QUIET servers are delivered fully installed and preconfigured according to customers’ preferences and choice of open source operating system and software.
eRacks Systems offices are located in Hayward and Los Gatos, California.  Customers can contact eRacks Systems by phone number (408) 455-0010 or email at info@eracks.com.  Company’s website https://eracks.com is available for further information on all Open Source solutions provided by the eRacks Systems.
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