Feb 23, 2009 - eRacks Announces New Shallow-Depth Rackmount Server for Broadcast and Audio Studios

Press Release
eRacks Announces New Shallow-Depth Rackmount Server for Broadcast and Audio Studios.
Orange, CA, February 23, 2009

eRacks Open Source Systems announces a new shallow-depth rackmount computer model, the eRacks/STUBBY, intended for broadcast and audio studios as well as other applications where rack shelves are limited in depth. This system is ideal for music, recording, and broadcast studios, business applications requiring in-office or tabletop-racks, kiosks, projection systems, and lectern or console installations.

The eRacks/STUBBY computer measures 8.75 inches in depth, fits 19 inch standard-width rackmount shelves, and is 1U in height, or 1.75 inches. eRacks sells a selection of shallow-depth rackmount servers, including low-power and silent systems. All eRacks systems are configured with the customer's choice of operating system.

The eRacks/STUBBY can be configured with a choice of Mini-ITX motherboards using either a 1.6GHz single or dual core Intel Atom processor. The system is relatively quiet, utilizing a 140 watt power supply and only one low-rotation-speed 40mm chassis fan. If the application requires system noise to be at a minimum, eRacks recommends replacement of the hard drive with a flash-based solid-state drive (SSD). This configuration makes an excellent Linux rackmount Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for a recording studio.

eRacks has specialized in providing customized open source rackmount and desktop servers since 1999. Its line of customized quiet servers, especially designed for noise-sensitive environments, are popular with recording studios and radio stations.

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