Oct 21, 2003 - eRacks Expands Line of Quiet Computers

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  eRacks Expands Line of Quiet Computers.

October 21, 2003

Laguna Beach, CA - Building on its popular eRacks/QUIET rackmount server line, eRacks Open Source Systems this week unveiled the high-performance SILENCE tower and Quiet GBOX, a modified version of the hot-selling cube desktop GBOX.

Especially designed for noise-sensitive business environments, the original QUIET rackmount server has made its way into recording studios, corporate boardrooms, and home entertainment theaters across the country. With the arrival of the SILENCE and the compact Quiet GBOX, eRacks extends its reach beyond the boardroom and home entertainment theaters and into virtually all work environments that desire or require low noise computing. Universities, public libraries, government offices, graphic designers, lawyers, architects, engineers, and even students can now benefit from eRacks' Quiet Technology.

The eRacks/QUIET, SILENCE, and Quiet GBOX are all measured to run within 5 decibels above the baseline quiet room measurement of 28-30dB. The SILENCE is 2 dB above baseline, the Quiet GBOX cube comes in at 3dB above baseline, and the 1U-height rackmount QUIET is just 4-5 dB above baseline.

The eRacks/SILENCE tower server employs a rubber gasket around its front door and sound-deadening foam inside the top and sides. The sleek Pentium4 aluminum system is customizable both in choice of hardware as well as operating system. Test measurements, pictures, and more information on the SILENCE as well as the Quiet GBOX and QUIET systems can be found at www.eRacks.com/quiet.

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