Sep 22, 2003 - eRacks Mirrors Two Terabytes in RealTime

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eRacks Mirrors Two Terabytes in RealTime.


September 22, 2003

Laguna Beach, CA - eRacks Open Source Systems, a company specializing in open source technologies, announced the release of eRacks/OpenMirror, a turnkey solution ideal for small and mid-size businesses needing realtime data mirroring between remote sites.

The eRacks/OpenMirror solution was recently installed at a Fortune 50 telecommunications corporation for two of its remote offices, located over 500 miles apart. Each office now seamlessly reads and writes data to the local storage server, which is instantaneously and bidirectionally replicated to the server at the other site.

The eRacks/OpenMirror is designed for data redundancy, fault tolerance, low latency, fast data access, and other high-availability network application needs. The system utilizes solely open source software including LinuxTM, DRBD1(distributed remote block device) data mirroring, OpenAFS2 architecture, and client-server authentication3 technologies.

Companies of all sizes that require remote office data access and manageability stand to benefit from this and similar eRacks open source implementations.

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(1) DRBD:
(2) OpenAFS:
(3) Kerberos:

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