April 20, 2001 - eRacks offers Preconfigured Rackmount Computers

Press Release

eRacks Preconfigured Rackmount Systems Focus on Open Source Software.
Laguna Beach, CA (April 20, 2001) --

As many administrators know, setting up a network can be an overwhelming task. Designing the layout, purchasing the hardware and software, and configuring everything must take into account the latest in security technology.

eRacks offers custom-tailored rackmount servers to network designers and provides them with a some helpful advice as to what would best suit their needs. For instance, eRacks experts, may advise a network designer to use the OpenBSD operating system in his or her firewall machines because of its superior reliabilty and well-tested security. And since eRacks servers arrive preconfigured, software configuration is kept to a minimum.

The use of open source software is certainly not new to the Internet. According to Opensource.Org, "Apache runs over 50% of the world's web servers" currently, and that sendmail is "the most important and widely used email transport software on the Internet." The OpenBSD operating system is designed with security as a priority, and the website proclaims that its operating system has enjoyed "three years without a remote hole in the default install." An open source code policy permits very fast bug fixes, while proprietary source code updates usually have a much higher turn-around time. Free distribution ensures the high quality of the software; there is no temptation for a vendor to release an early buggy release in order to achieve a few short-term sales

By primarily using open source software in its systems, eRacks is able to offer custom-built ready-to-run systems at both low prices as well as high levels of reliability and security.

And unlike most competitiors, eRacks' rackmount system prices are very competitive. The company builds servers designed using industry-standard components, unlike many big-name servers, which contain proprietary components that are only upgradable at high costs.

eRacks.com offers prospective customers easy navigation to the system category of their choise. Visitors can even configure and order the systems right off the Web site.

For more information visit eRacks.com.

About the company

eRacks is managed by a small group of experienced network designers and system architects. The company was officially founded in the 3rd quarter of 2000, and has close ties with a team of security consultants, SecurityArchitects. Bringing over 20 years of software and system design experience to the company, Joseph Wolff is the Chief Technologist and founder of eRacks. Joe remarks, "Our goal at eRacks is to provide a needed service to system administrators and network designers, as well as to promote high-quality open source software."

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