Mar 06, 2009 - eRacks to debut AMD AM3 rackmount server with triple/quad core Phenom II CPUs

Press Release
eRacks to Debut AMD AM3 Rackmount Server with Triple/Quad-core Phenom II CPUs
Orange, CA, March 6, 2009

eRacks announces the availability of the latest AM3 socket triple- and quad-core Phenom II processors in selected models. The eRacks/EFFECTS 2U rackmount server is one of eRacks' customizable AMD-based systems suitable for intensive computational tasks like video/audio editing. The AM3 socket motherboard improves upon the AM2, with an advanced onboard memory controller that supports both DDR2 and next generation DDR3 memory technology.

The eRacks/EFFECTS rackmount computer offers a choice of Phenom II X3 and X4 processors. These CPUs increase the cache size and clock speed over the older Phenoms. Smaller die size and a decrease in wattage used means more efficient computing and energy savings.

"The AM3 Phenom II CPUs are more affordable and outperform the Intel Core 2 Duos in some applications." comments Max Haskvitz, eRacks' General Manager. Hardcore overclockers will be pleased to see that the unlocked Black Edition of the 2.8GHz 720 Phenom II is available in the eRacks/EFFECTS online configuration options.

eRacks has specialized in providing customized open source rackmount and desktop servers since 1999. The company also offers dedicated hosting services and maintains a close partnership with The Libre Group, consultants with expertise in open source enterprise migration.

For more information on eRacks, contact:
eRacks Open Source Systems,
phone: 714 532-5322