June-30-2015- eRacks Systems Introduces New Higher Capacity Drives to its NAS72 Cloud Storage Servers - Now With 576TB Space

eRacks Systems Introduces New Higher Capacity Drives to its NAS72 Cloud Storage Servers - Now With 576TB Space

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eRacks Systems, a nation-wide leading rack-mount Open Source solution provider and an innovator in cloud based storage server and accessories announced today that it’s high-end NAS72 server series can now be built and shipped with 8 Terabyte storage drives. The drives raise the capacity of the 72-bay unit to a total of 576 Terabytes of raw storage space. The 4U system can also be equipped with advanced green drives consuming up to 23% less power than company’s traditional network drives. 
The NAS72 by eRacks is a high-storage-density 4U rack-mount storage server with 72 removable drive bays suitable for Open Source Cloud Storage, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Near-Line Storage (NLS) with choices of Open-Source cloud software such as OpenStack, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, OpenNebula, ProxMox, and others. The server accommodates applications for SDS, NAS and Local LAN, in addition to all types of media libraries. Customers have a choice of storage or SDS software such as Ceph, GlusterFS, MooseFS, and LizardFS in order to facilitate integration in to larger architectures or cloud infrastructures. The available software choices are updated, with even more Cloud-ready and Cloud-friendly offerings than before. 
For an unprecedented price-point, eRacks Systems, offers the NAS72 servers already available with 5, 6, and now 8 Terabyte Seagate Archive-style drives. The 4U unit leaves 2U of space in a standard 42u rack for other eRacks’ accessories such as UPS, KVM, Network switch/firewall, and others. The Company says that 10 Terabyte HGST archive-style SMR drives are also coming soon and the company can be contacted for pre-orders. The SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) archive-style drives are key for NLS (Near-Line-Storage) servers.
eRacks’ new NAS72 storage drives come with higher energy-efficiency ratios than their predecessors due to the fact that the new, larger 8TB drives are Helium-filled requiring far less rotational energy and making them 23% more Energy-efficient. The helium also makes the drives lighter in weight comparing to older drive types. The new green drives make the NAS72 storage system much more cost-effective as well as environment-friendly.
Founded in 1999 by system architects and network design consultants, eRacks Systems has over 25 years of setting up enterprise-class computing infrastructures. eRacks Systems’ innovative contributions to the computing industry and its dedication and expertise in providing Open-Source solutions, has made the company well recognized as the go-to-source for Enterprise-class Petascale solutions. While many of the company’s products come pre-installed and pre-configured with customers’ choice of Open-Source software, eRacks specializes in customized rack-mount and desktop systems and welcomes customers with unique requirements.
“Once again, eRacks provides an unbeatable price-point for Petascale-class storage,” said Joseph Wolff, CTO and Founder of eRacks. “The new HelioSeal drives, at an unheard-of miserly energy usage, at an all-time low of watts-per-terabyte - allows customers to really 'Go Green' with their data center or cloud facility.”
eRacks Systems holds offices in Fremont and Los Gatos, California. For more information on the NAS72 8TB Cloud Storage Servers as well as other Petascale storage solutions, contact eRacks at info@eracks.com or visit http://www.eracks.com.

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